FUFA should amend football regulations.

On 13th February 2020, the Federation of International Football Association (FIFA) communicated an amendment of regulations on the status and transfer of players to ensure that solidarity mechanism payments be applied at a national level.

When I read the amendment, it gave me mixed emotions.

I was very happy that domestic transfers will help to generate funds to grassroots football but also very disappointed and frustrated that the Federation of Uganda Football Associations (FUFA) had never realized the potential of solidarity mechanism.

2020 marks four years since I wrote about the solidarity mechanism and how it could be used to generate revenue for football clubs in Uganda.

FUFA did amend article 30.3 regulations on the status and transfer of players but there was hardly any impact, close to wasted time.

The above amendment gives FUFA more work yet they should be simplifying it by ensuring that clubs start and end the entire process.

All that FUFA needs is to supervise the process.

My other disappointment comes from us not wanting to lead, we always want to follow.

We don’t want to challenge the process.

We lack football administrators with genuine passion and creativity that would have an instant impact on the development of football in Uganda.

Can you imagine the impact and legacy if FUFA had started a quality domestic solidarity mechanism and be used as a case study by FIFA? 

FUFA needs to amend football regulations that reflect its mission to develop, promote and protect football for all.

For that to happen, it requires having employees that are well motivated to think full time on how to develop, promote and protect football for all.

At the start of the 2019-20 season Union of European Football Associations (UEFA) amended competition regulations so that a player can represent two different clubs playing in the same competition.

That amendment helped generate more revenue in the January 2020 transfer window and for UEFA competitions to retain good players.

Erling Braut Haaland joined BvB Dortmund from RB Salzburg after they met his release clause for a reported £17 million.

Before the amendment, Haaland might have joined Dortmund but the UEFA Champions’ League would have lost a player of his quality which affects TV revenue.

Haaland could have decided to stay at RB Salzburg to play in the knock out rounds of the Europa League which would have meant that Salzburg misses out on earning £17 million.

The same can be said of Bruno Fernandes joining Manchester United from Benfica for £47 million, Minamino to Liverpool from RB Salzburg for £7 million and many other transfers.

UEFA’s action is an example of how a well thought out amendment on football regulations can have an impact on the development of football.

Now that FIFA has sorted out the domestic version of solidarity mechanism, FUFA needs to comb through the rest of its regulations because amending most of them would have an instant impact on the development, promotion, and protection of football in Uganda.

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