Wasted time!

Next is a 2007 movie, Nicholas Cage acts as a magician that can see in the future. That ability greatly helps him to change things in the present however, at the end of the movie, he seems to have been killed in a nuclear bomb explosion only for him to wake up.

The explosion scene was him seeing in the future. I guess waking up meant that he was going to change the present to avoid the nuclear blast.

In July 2018, Uganda Premier League (UPL) signed a 10-year broadcasting contract worth 27 billion Uganda shillings with Star times TV.

The contract seemed to be of very little value but UPL couldn’t negotiate for more because they didn’t have a lot to offer in terms of value.

Its 1st July 2028, UPL needs to search for a new sponsor because Star times has decided not to renew their broadcasting and league naming rights contract after 10 years of slow growth.

In 2028, Football globally has made huge strides. Back in 2019, the competition for Ugandan football was foreign football on TV.

Now the competition is that English Premier League (EPL) matches can be hosted in African countries with better infrastructure like South Africa.

With advancements in technology, the world uses 5G technology, a fan can watch a match using a Virtual Reality (VR) headset and seem like they are in the stadium with access to every stadium camera angle.

There’s a world football league going on, who needs to watch UPL matches?

A league can only be as good as the clubs in it.

UPL has so far failed to set high standards that can push clubs to become professional.

Football clubs are run in an amateur football set up, actually worse than amateur because some corporate league teams are administered way better than most clubs in UPL.

UPL can’t have the league kicking off in August because clubs aren’t ready for an August kick-off, some clubs have to make up their minds on where they will host league matches.

UPL fixtures can’t be released early because clubs can’t honor the deadlines set for supervision to be granted a license to play in the league.

UPL clubs don’t have an active website and social media handles to keep fans engaged during the season and off-season, less fan engagement means fewer numbers which doesn’t sound good for the broadcasting and naming rights sponsor.

The majority of UPL clubs don’t honor contracts but go unpunished by UPL and the federation.

Not honoring contracts reduces the number of quality human resource working with clubs.

Without a quality human resource, it’s impossible to improve any institution.

Almost all UPL clubs don’t have a strategic plan to cater to what has to be achieved in the future.

If any strategic plan exists, then it’s on paper without any action because the supervision is extremely weak.

UPL Clubs haven’t been creative enough to get match day venues that offer comfort to fans, the majority of fans decide to stay away because they’d rather sit at home to watch foreign football.

IF any UPL matches are on TV then quality is extremely poor because the venues used for matches can’t enable good broadcasting angles.

The other reason for poor quality matches is because the product is of very low standards.

UPL has Star times and Pilsner lager as sponsors/partners but struggles to show value for sponsorship because in Uganda we still treat sponsorship as donations.

Time is the greatest currency, with nine years left on the current broadcasting contract. The work done in that period will determine how valuable UPL’s broadcasting rights will be in 2028.

After 10 years of wasted time, I hope we wake up because it’s actually July 2019.

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